Tuesday, November 25, 2014


I've gotten a little behind.
I'm not really sure where time goes. 
As long as I am spending my time doing what matters then
 I figure its okay to be a little behind on some things.
I am so excited for this holiday season. It officially starts Thanksgiving morning.
I LOVE everything about this time of year. 
I have been listening to Christmas music for almost a month now.
I have already watched It's a Wonderful Life, The Christmas Box and
Christmas for a Dollar.  I still have a long list of movies waiting to be watched.
I'm finally ready for the Festival of Trees. Between my girls and myself we have
decorated 9 trees to donate. I cannot wait to post pictures of the trees. 
They are all fabulous.
We have also worked many hours on other projects for the festival. 
I was recently asked the question,
"Why are you doing all of this? Aren't you tired?"
Well, yes, we are all tired. In fact we are worn.  
Why are we doing this?
She is the reason.
We love her.
We miss her.
We will keep her light burning bright.

Another project we are working on is our annual Build a Bear drop.
This will be the 5th year that we deliver 24 bears to the hospital.
One for each child who is in the cancer unit.
One of my sweet friends surprised me with this darling dog that her and her daughter made.

I am so grateful for kind friends.

I am grateful for family.

I am grateful for Kristen

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Santa Coke

I had my first Santa Coke for the season!
Kristen's favorite.
When Kristen was in the hospital I would call the kitchen and order her meal.
She was always very specific as to what she wanted to eat.
Food was one of her favorite things. 
When I would order her food I would always conclude by saying,
"She would also like a Coke."
Kristen would then speak up really loud and say.
"Santa Coke."
I then had to ask the nice person on the phone to please send up a Santa Coke.
They did.

Those who leave sweet memories live forever 
in our hearts.

Monday, October 13, 2014

ice cream you scream

So Kamie is vying for "favorite aunt."
She doesn't know it but she is already everyone's favorite.
Hey as long as she invites me she can keep vying. (hint)
This past week she took  8 of the kiddies out to Leatherby's.
By the looks of the pictures I'd say it was a success.

Ask this little one what she had at Leatherby's and she answers with a great big
"Nana Spit."

We are blessed as life continues to take us for a ride. 
Our hope is that we can continue to adjust our sails 
as we try to stay the course.

"As we venture forth on our individual voyages, may we sail safely the seas of life. 
With the never-failing rudder of faith guiding our passage,
 we too will find our way safely home. “Home is the sailor, home from sea.” 
Home to family, home to friends, home to heaven, home to God."
~Thomas S. Monson

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

more of what matters

We continue to gather together every Sunday for family dinner.
A tradition that has been going on for many years.
The children look forward to coming over and hanging out with their cousins. 

This baby boy is getting so big

We gathered a few pumpkins, not quite the bumper crop we had last year.

Cupcakes matter

Kamie purchased a few more items for the
"Frozen" themed Christmas tree we are donating to the festival.
Our tree is going to be fabulous!

 Kim cut off her hair and donated it to locks of love so cute
little girls like Kristen who have lost their hair can have a cute little wig.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

don't miss your life

I have been thinking a lot lately about life and how quickly the weeks pass.
Sometimes it seems as though the hours pass slowly but the weeks have a way
of passing so very quickly. Every once in a while I need to step back, 
take a breath and sit still for a while and make sure I'm not missing my life.
Several days a week I have the opportunity to visit with cancer patients and
their families. Some days it can be so overwhelming and others days
it can be such a source of strength. Not too long ago I was wearing their shoes.
Only they don't know it. I rarely share my story. I mostly listen.
There is something about the people I visit. 
Because of cancer they are forever changed. Mostly for the better.
A gentleman comes in often as his wife is receiving chemo. 
He always offers to buy me a truffle. He then buys 10 more and lays them
on the counter. He wants me to give them to anyone who could use a little chocolate.
He often leaves 5$ or 10$ for the person behind him.
One day he remarked, "I'm not a rich man, I'm only a school teacher. Money doesn't matter anymore. I finally get what matters most in life." 

This is what matters..

This was taken last fall. Time for a new photo as we are missing 2 baby boys.
The little girls are all wearing Kristen's beads.

 These little darlings love to play dress up. 
Every girl should have the chance to dress up like a princess.
After all, I'm a princess, you're a princess, all girls are. 

I spend several nights a week with my mother.
I mess around with my laptop. I often find pictures I haven't seen for a while.
I just found these from August 2009.
Kristen's final trip to Half Moon Lake.
You'll have look closely to see Kristen sitting at table with her box of Better Cheddars.

Here she is again with her sisters who adore her.

Earlier tonight I had the opportunity to attend 
a meeting for the women in our church.
It was very inspiring.
Us women are too hard on ourselves.
Don't miss your life.
Enjoy it
Love it
Live it